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GCA is excited to team up with Trailhead, Fortinet, and the World Economic Forum to help create the Cybersecurity Learning Hub. The hub serves as a space to learn in-demand cybersecurity skills and offers free learning for individuals and companies of all levels to develop security knowledge. Check out the hub here to learn more about this collaborative effort to help close the cybersecurity skills gap, create a diverse and inclusive workforce, and prepare the next generation of leaders with the skills they will need.

WEF Cybersec

The World Economic Forum hosted its first Annual Gathering of the Centre for Cybersecurity from November 26-27 in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting, which represented seven international organizations, 16 governments, and participants from 26 countries, brought together 140 cybersecurity experts to discuss the challenges we face in the cyber world. Additionally, The World Economic Forum is offering its platform to:

  • Allow the participants to drive the cybersecurity agenda for the coming year
  • Share information on emerging cyberthreats
  • Jointly assess the risks of emerging technologies
  • Collaborate on urgent action to combat cybercrime.

The Centre also signed an agreement with the Global Cyber Alliance in support of this effort.

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