Cyber 9-12

GCA is proud to again support the Atlantic Council’s UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Competition in 2020.

The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge will generate blended learning, communication, understanding, and value across all professions and industries that are involved in cybersecurity. This will also help shape future professionals. Additionally, the 9/12 Cyber Challenge will emphasize the value in the variety of skills required for a comprehensive approach and fosters innovation across diverse participants.

We encourage our partners to support this unique event and contribute to supporting the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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Why are cybersecurity alliances being formed?

In a recent article published in the Web Writer Spotlight, Cathy Trimidal argues that even though the risk of cyber-attacks has steadily risen, often times governments haven’t taken the necessary actions to protect their citizens. This lack of trust between companies and policy makers, she writes, has led many to seek alternative solutions, namely entering various cyber alliances such as the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). She discusses the advantages of companies being a part of these larger alliances, in which information sharing can lead not only to heightened security for individual companies but to increased security in the digital world for us all.

To read Trimidal’s full article, please click here.

Our Executive Director of the UK, Middle East and India, Andy Bates, sat down with Mathew Schwartz of DataBreachToday to discuss the future of cyber security. In the interview below, Andy discusses the following:

  • The evolution of online crime and nation-state attacks;
  • Strategies for addressing top business challenges;
  • Free and tools to help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture.

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Andy Bates talks about the future of cybersecurity.


The EU team of Global Cyber Alliance will close its crazy autumn (eleven events in nine European countries!) with a very special event in Brussels where they have worked as Programme Partners – the ‘Digital Identity and Trust Summit’, organised by For this event, GCA has contributed with two speakers from two of its key partners, Red Sift and Mastercard.

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Harlem Workshop

58% of cybercrime targets small businesses… don’t be the next statistic!

Join GCA in New York City for an interactive workshop where you will learn about the cyber risks small businesses face. You will walk away with the necessary knowledge needed to better protect your business from a cyber-attack.

The session will take place on Thursday, November 7th, from 8:30am to 12:30pm (EDT) at Silicon Harlem.

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