election security



During the Global Cities III Conference, GCA’s Chief Operating Officer, Mary Kavaney, spoke about election security.  Kavaney and Eric Friedberg, Co-President of Stroz Friedberg, discussed U.S. elections and how to protect them from cyber attacks.  Watch the full discussion about election security below.

Moreover, the Global Cyber Alliance recently released the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Elections. This toolkit comprises multiple tools and resources to help election offices combat cyber attacks.

“Our goal is to help organizations create more secure ecosystems to support a free and fair election process.” ~ Philip Reitinger, GCA’s CEO and President.

Byron V. Acohido discussed the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Elections in his article, NEW TECH: A Couple of Tools That Deserve Wide Use — To Preserve the Integrity of U.S. Elections. The election toolkit addresses the most common cyber risks election officials are vulnerable to which Acohido outlines in his article.

To read Acohido’s full article and see what our President & CEO has to say about election security, please click here.