Cybercriminals have manipulated the underpinnings of the Internet for years. It is easy for scammers to trick users by creating websites that appear to be legitimate, familiar company websites, but they are not because they have a different IP address – something that users would find very hard to confirm.

Consumers and small businesses need a way to protect themselves that is effective, easy to configure, reliable, affordable and protects their privacy.

GCA partnered with IBM and Packet Clearing House (PCH) to solve this problem. Both IBM and PCH share GCA’s goal to keep as many people on the Internet as safe as possible against malicious websites, phishing sites or other malicious activity. Security, privacy and performance drove the entities to develop the Quad9 DNS service.

Quad9 protects users from accessing known malicious websites, leveraging threat intelligence from multiple industry leaders and currently blocks up to two million threats per day for users in 76 countries. It improves your system’s performance, plus it preserves and protects your privacy. You can quickly and easily set up the Quad9 service on your Mac or PC. Do it today!

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