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Cyber risk is an international challenge that requires nontraditional collaboration. At GCA, we focus on less talk and more action. We bring the global community together to collaborate and develop practical solutions that provide measurable results. Being a GCA partner means you are joining more than 200 organizations from all sectors around the world in proactively fighting malicious cyber activities and keeping global citizens more secure.

What you get
From GCA

  • Collaboration with like-minded partners to identify and reduce cyber risks, resulting in a safer and more secure digital domain.
  • Increased visibility of corporate governance/responsibility and corporate citizenship.
  • Sharing in mutual benefits of long-term risk reduction and sharing of experience and best practices.
  • Minimizing the costs of dealing with cyber risks through the deployment of GCA projects.
  • Opportunity to connect with global organizations and leaders.

What GCA asks
from you

  • Serve as a champion of GCA and our mission.
  • Make a commitment (technical, intelligence, communications or financial contribution) to eradicating cyber risk.
  • Participate in GCA’s projects.
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