Meet the GCA Team

The Global Cyber Alliance is home to leading minds with extensive cybersecurity expertise gained across both the private and public sectors. As a truly global organization, our team lives and works on multiple continents and represents a diverse cross section of business, technical, policy, and administrative professionals.

Board of Directors

Nastashia Press

Financial Consultant

Philip Reitinger

President and CEO, Global Cyber Alliance

Virginia, US

Scott Charney

GCA Chairman of the Board & Vice President, Security Policy, Microsoft

Shawn Henry

President, CrowdStrike Services

Sir Robert Wainwright

Partner, Deloitte North-West Europe

William Pelgrin

Co-Founder and Partner, CyberWA

Yurie Ito

Executive Director, CyberGreen Institute

From New York to London and around the globe, we’re uniting the best and brightest cyber minds to build a better future. Want to join us?

GCA woman looking at tablet at her desk in office with blue overlay and GCA Logo Mark