Economic Benefits of DMARC Adoption

Measuring the Return on Investment

Learn About the Global Impact of GCA’s DMARC Initiative

Since 2016, the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) has been working to accelerate adoption of DMARC, an email security standard, by providing tools and resources to aid implementation. This paper measures the economic benefit from that activity. In less than two years, GCA’s DMARC initiative has resulted in more than 5,700 organizations across more than 180 countries adopting DMARC. This has lead to significant financial benefits across a diverse array of industries and governments.

Learn more about how DMARC is driving millions in cost savings and has resulted in significant risk reduction. With estimated benefits topping 19 million USD in 2018, the economic impact could reasonably be substantially higher.

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  • Adoption rates and geographic concentration

  • Average costs of implementation

  • Immediate and long-term economic benefits

  • Predictions for future and continuing impact